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Residency Program

The Department of Surgery offers one pre-urology year prior to the urology program.  During this first year the residents spend their time rotating through different surgical disciplines with a heavy emphasis given to pre- and post-operative care of inpatients.  Interns who are slated to enter Urology in their PGY2 year are given special rotations in pediatric surgery and transplant surgery since these disciplines are important to their development in future years in Urology.  They also spend three months in Urology during which time a special effort is made to introduce them to endoscopic and radiologic evaluation of urologic patients.  Their attendance at all of the weekly and monthly didactic conferences and lectures for the Department of Urology is required and documented by attendance sheets.  The residents also spend a month on vascular surgery in order to develop skills related to isolation and surgical control of arteries and veins.

The PGY2 year is the first full year in Urology.  This involves 6 months at the James Hospital, 4 months on the Gray Service and 2 months on the Scarlet Service.  Four months at the University Hospital on the Buckeye Service and 2 months at University Hospital East.  During the first urology year, residents are expected to acquire an ability to perform a comprehensive urology history-and-physical examination and design appropriate radiographic and laboratory studies for diagnostic purposes.  The residents will begin their acquisition of core skills utilized in ambulatory settings.  This will include placement of catheters, understanding and performing endoscopy, and learning basic urodynamic testing.  The residents will also begin to understand the acute and chronic management of patients with urolithiasis.  They will also understand the comprehensive approach to patients with genitourinary malignancies.  Residents will be expected to begin to accurately log their procedures and to understand the basics of a presentation at Grand Rounds.

The PGY3 year is the second full year in Urology and involves a 2 month rotation at The Ohio State University East Hospital, a 2 month rotation at the Arthur G James Hospital Scarlet Service, a 2 month rotation on the Buckeye Service at University Hopsital, a 4 month rotation at Nationwide Children's Hospital, and 2 months on the Consult Service.  At The Ohio State University Hospitals the residents are assigned to spend time with attendings in the ambulatory care facilities as well as in the operating room.  It is during this time that they are given increasing responsibilities, particularly for more complex open urologic procedures in the operating room.  They are also responsible for evaluating all of the correctional facility patients with urologic problems at the outpatient facility and begin to provide teaching to the interns and PGY2 residents on the service.  They also have a heavy responsibility for the evaluation and presentation of the inpatient consultations.  It is the goal of these eight months to provide a greater degree of independence for residents and to have them begin formulation of appropriate management plans for urologic problems.  The 4 month rotation at Nationwide Children's Hospital is designed to introduce the residents to the evaluation and management of pediatric urologic and congenital genitourinary problems.  The radiologic investigation of these patients, as well as their surgical management, is emphasized.  Continuity of care is assured because the resident spends all of their time with the attendings in the office or in the operating room.

During the PGY4 year the residents spend 2 months at The Ohio State University Hospital Buckeye Service, 8 months at The Arthur G James Cancer Hospital on the Scarlet and Gray Service and 2 months on the Consult Service.  The residents are given increasing responsibilities, particularly in the operating room.  They are also given increasing teaching responsibilities for the PGY2 and 3 level residents.

The chief resident year, PGY5, is spent 4 months on the Buckeye Service at The Ohio State University Hospitals. At the James Hospital they will spend 4 months on the Scarlet Service and 4 months on the Gray Service. Each chief resident has a four month responsibility as the administrative chief resident. There are heavy teaching responsibilities for the residents during this rotation. They are responsible for the call schedule and all of the conference schedules. They are also heavily involved in planning the urologic pathology conference and weekly resident’s conference. In consultation with the attendings they will elect appropriate evaluation and management and surgical procedures for the correctional patients. They scrub in on cases of high complexity in the operating room. They also are heavily involved in teaching the more junior level residents, particularly in the acquisition of open surgical skills. 

Operative Experience

Below are the surgical logs for the recent graduating residents. Many more cases go uncovered, for lack of residents.


Res A

Res B

Res C

General Urology

468 314 343


180 137 143

TRUS/Prostate biopsy

63 42 61

Scrotal/inguinal surgery

191 113 124


34 22 15

Endourology/stone disease

289 245 272

Shock wave lithotripsy

4 9 7


210 185 205

Percutaneous procedures

75 51 50

Reconstructive surgery

127 128 135


54 59 55

Male penis/incontinence

36 42 31

Male urethra

18 17 24


19 25 24

Intestinal diversion

34 23 39


250 230 254


106 105 112

Pelvic - bladder

33 28 50

Pelvic - prostate

70 74 59


144 126 142

Retroperitoneal - kidney

133 113 132

Pediatrics - minor

105 79 93


21 25 37


35 25 27


46 27 29

Pediatrics - major

47 46 39


28 32 20


14 11 12

Laparoscopic surgery

192 194 164