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A residency in the Department of Urology at Ohio State is a challenging and rewarding experience that entails a complex interaction of learning through patient care. It requires maintenance of a balance between the educational and clinical responsibilities as well as dedication to learning and personal excellence. Dr. Cheryl T. Lee is the Chair of the Department of Urology and Dr. David Sharp is the Residency Director. Beginning in July of 2010, there are three residents per year.
Urology residents are selected by a competitive process and are chosen through the match program administered by the American Urological Association's Office of Education. All applications are internally reviewed to selectively invite candidates for the interview process. At the conclusion of the interview process, faculty members meet to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates, and the rank order is submitted to the AUA Office of Education. Candidates must be registered with the AUA Residency Match.
The Department of Urology at Ohio State offers a pre-urology year prior to the urology program. During this first year, residents rotate through different surgical disciplines, with a heavy emphasis on pre- and post-operative care of inpatient surgical patients.

The PGY2 year is the first full year in Urology.  This involves 6 months at the James Hospital, 4 months on the Gray Service and 2 months on the Scarlet Service.  There are four months at the University Hospital on the Buckeye Service and 2 months at University Hospital East
The PGY3 year is the second full year in Urology and involves a 2 month rotation at The Ohio State University East Hospital, a 2 month rotation at the Arthur G James Hospital Scarlet Service, a 2 month rotation on the Buckeye Service at University Hopsital, a 4 month rotation at Nationwide Children's Hospital, and 2 months on the Consult Service. 

During the PGY4 year the residents spend 2 months at The Ohio State University Hospital Buckeye Service, 8 months at The Arthur G James Cancer Hospital on the Scarlet and Gray Service and 2 months on the Consult Service. 

The chief resident year, PGY5, is spent 4 months on the Buckeye Service at The Ohio State University Hospitals. At the James Hospital they will spend 4 months on the Scarlet Service and 4 months on the Gray Service.


The 2013-2014 Department of Urology Handbook

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